Band Bio

The genesis of Hollow Vixen began long, long ago before the firmament had yet settled and stardust yet collected into galaxies…or so legend goes.  Actually it was when the bands founding member Jeremy Cole met Tim Woo on a Berklee Music Business trip to the MEISA regional conference in New York City.  From that original spark the creative collaboration that is now know as Hollow Vixen was formed.  It took many auditions, chance encounters, and hard decisions to find the right players to augment the group into its present form but when Julien Osty and Neil Warner stepped in, the vibe became electric with each member delivering the unique flavor and personality that was needed to catalyze the songs that were originally written by Jeremy Cole and co-writer Seth Hartman (The Apocalypse), into the musical juggernauts that they are today.

Hollow Vixen made their debut tour in the summer of 2009 traveling all the way from Boston, MA to sunny southern California with gear in tow.  A three-thousand mile trek that bore the fruits of its ambitious effort by melding the band together as a team, creating indispensable professional contacts, and culminating with the creation of a music video for ‘B.O.B’ the bands first single of their freshman EP.  

Playing shows throughout LA and other cities in So Cal over the summer not only molded the ensemble into a well-oiled veteran unit but also opened up the opportunity for the group to audition eight of their original songs for Jeff Worrell in an LA studio which in turn landed them the opportunity to work with the renowned producer on their first EP “Parallel to Paradise”.  The band is already busy writing new original material for their sophomore release.


Label: Space Dolphin Collective

Management: Whorescope LLC

Booking: No


Jeremy 'The Samurai' Cole

The portal where J-Bone entered the world just so happened to be a beautiful little
town somewhere between the gates of Hades and bum@#!$ nowhere called Sundance, Wyoming.  As uneventful as that beginning may sound, his life has certainly been anything but that.  From his modest start playing his mother’s pots and pans on the kitchen table, to lead singer in the rock phenomenon Hollow Vixen, Jeremy has been quite a renaissance man.  And while he has always been deeply rooted in music, his journey has taken him down many different paths.  Jeremy spent 4 years as a Sgt in the U.S. Marines where he served various roles, including Weapons Instructor and a Black Belt Martial Arts Instructor.  His ninja skills finely tuned, the “Samurai” then went on to study International Business in Japan, cycloned down to the University of Nebraska where he wrestled for the Huskers, and left with a degree in International Business, “Birds and the Bees”, Japanese, and Economics.   After graduation he made a life altering decision and told “the man” that he could shove it and told GE that they could stick their CEO position up their collective asses.  Upgrading his beat-up acoustic guitar to a screaming Strat, he headed east for Berklee College of Music where he became the patriarch of the band Hollow Vixen.  There, he enrolled as a Guitar & Vocal Performance and Music Business dual-major.  When Jeremy is not busy dropping panties with his sultry voice he enjoys rock climbing, shredding slopes, riding horses, white-water rafting, wake boarding, riding motorcycles, sipping tea, and knitting sweaters.  Jeremy plays a Modified Stratocaster, a Frankenstein Telecaster, an acoustic Taylor, and uses David Bray custom modified amps.

Neal ‘Dickhead’ Warner

What Chuck Norris is to martial arts and beards Neal is to the bass.  Neal grew up in the once great musical empire of Detroit, Michigan and has been playing the bass since the ripe age of six.  He was a Jazz Studies Major at Wayne State University before arriving at Berklee College of Music where he is currently enrolled in Binge-Drinking and the Contemporary Writing and Production major.  Neil’s musical influences are pretty diverse but his favorite genres are metal and progressive rock.  His favorite band is RUSH! Okay not really it is “Pain of Salvation”, and his favorite bassist is Stuart Hamm.  His hobbies include water sports, singing in the shower, taking long walks on the beach with his Mom (or your Mom so watch it), and watching Jack Bauer regulate bitches on “24”.  His number one hobby is playing hockey and high sticking anybody who dares to trash–talk the Red Wings.  ‘Dickhead’ does have a softer side and is a role model in the Big Brother program here in Boston…(awe…. sigh for effect ladies).  He currently plays Schecter Diamond Series Basses.

Julien ‘Trasho’ Osty

Trasho is a pretty swell guy and an all around badass on the guitar.  He was born in southeast France in the city of Toulon and experienced his first moments on stage as an infant in a cradle at the Toulon Opera house.  His career in the opera however, was short lived as the sirens of rock began luring him in.  His first rock influences were shred guitarists like Slash, Eddie Van Halen, Steve Vai, Joe Satriani, Nuno Bettencourt, and Paul Gilbert.  Julien who also goes by “Frenchy” because the ladies love how he can French kiss while eating French toast and French fries and whisper French lullabies with an alluring but hard to comprehend French accent and teach them about French renaissance artwork while playing French classical guitar and staring at them oddly with his beady French eyes and winning their hearts with his French interpretation of anything funny.  Julien has been playing in rock bands since the age of 15 and has played with French groups “Shade” and “Noad”.  Julien’s guitar style is quite eclectic as he has had concentrated studies in Classical as well as Jazz and has personally studied with such renowned teachers as Jon Damian, Pascal Pittorino, David Gilmore, Tim Miller, Adam Rodgers, Yves Dubreuil, and Mick Goodrick.  In the spring of 2008 Frenchy began studying at Berklee College of Music where he received the ‘Berklee World Scholarship Tour’, ‘Lennie Jonhson Award’, and ‘Thayer A. Peck Memorial Scholarship’ for students of outstanding musical ability.  The Trash-man began a new musical journey when he joined Hollow Vixen in March of 2009 just a month before their summer cross-country tour kicked off.  When Frenchy isn’t busy shredding fingerboards and being AWESOME on the guitar you may find him online as 'Bitoku' sniping the shit out of little boys on Halo.  

Tim ‘Wootang’ Woo

In the inland empire of Southern California on July 3rd, 1990 one day before our nation celebrated its birthday Tim was postmarked for delivery into the world and said “hold–on America me first”, and America had to comply!  Tim oddly enough came out with a set of drumsticks in his hand and smoking a cigar.  He was raised on classic rock by his father and fell in love with the drums while listening to ‘The Who’ and ‘The Doors’.  ‘Light my fire’ still lights his fire ladies.  He began playing concert percussion at age ten and played marimba and drum set in his high school marching and jazz band where he performed across the country and Europe culminating in a performance at the Montreux Jazz Festival in Switzerland. Upon Graduation in 2008 he turned down a full ride Marine ROTC scholarship to UC Berkley to attend Berklee College of Music on the other side of the US.  Tim is currently in his second year of the Music Business Program and his third year of Beer-Pong training.  ‘Wootang’ has had the opportunity to study drum-set with the likes of Sergio Belloti, Kim Plainfield, Mike Mangini, John Blackwell, and Will Kennedy. Tim’s hobbies include surfing, skateboarding, bowling, biking, playing video games, and watching the Lakers.  Tim’s musical influences range from classical to hip-hop and all genres in between. Tim’s gear includes Pearl Drum Set, Vic Firth Sticks, Zildjian Cymbals, Shure In Ear monitors, & DW foot pedal.

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